Ongwehonweh Learning Center

Basic Info

Founded: 2004

Detailed Info

Website: http://www.ongwehonwehlearningcenter.org

Company Overview:

Ongwehonweh Learning Center: is a nonprofit organization based on Tuscarora Signatory Tribal Community Lands that was established to help preserve and nurture the Indigenous/Iroquoian languages and songs.

The objectives outlined for Ongwehonweh Learning Center: are maintained and implemented through the efforts of dedicated individuals. Support comes not only from the community, but from the artists and musicians themselves, who share their voices and knowledge to ensure that our languages, songs and dances will continue to live.

1. Preserve the Ongwehonweh languages, songs and dances by the:

* Utilization of our living resources through audio recordings of speeches (ceremonial and social), social dance songs, and ceremonial songs (only when requested);
* Restoration of previously recorded audio materials, such as those listed above;
* Development of audio and written lessons in all Six languages to preserve and encourage daily use of our unique mother tongues and to make the lessons accessible through various media forms such as the internet, cassettes and CD’s; without our languages, we have no culture; and,
* Provision of the recordings to everyone at minimal or no cost where possible.

  1. Development of a catalog of all available recordings and distribution guidelines for:

* Social Dance songs.
* Language materials which include but are not limited to audio and printed lessons
* Ceremonial speeches and related songs. Recordings of ceremonial speeches and songs will only be distributed with permission of

(a) the person who did the speeches and songs and/or

(b) the individual charged with being the ‘keeper’ of the master recordings.

  1. Retail distribution of commercially available music from Indigenous Nations from around the world.

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